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Farm to Market Woodworks creates custom unique furniture for your home or business. We hand select the lumber used for each project, doing finish milling in our shop to insure quality and accuracy. Depending on the style of furniture and wood, we are also able to mill trees direct from specific farms and ranches, giving your custom piece an origin story that will be truly authentic. We ensure solid and durable construction built to last generations so you can feel great about bringing your next home furnishing ideas to life with us!

What We Do


Our team works with your ideas to develop a design that has full functionality and style to work best within the space it will acquire. From scale to stain, every detail is planned strategically.


After the design is created, we execute the plans with precision to ensure the highest quality product. We take pride in each step of the carpentry process from selecting the proper wood and quality to taking time adding proper stain and finishes. No product is rushed!

Final Product

When the project is complete, and delivered we want to ensure customer satisfaction with your handcrafted product by being available to you while you enjoy your new handcrafted piece.

Meet Our Team


Andre Thome

Founder, Designer, Master Craftsman


Karina Thome

Designer, Marketing


Tom Almstedt

Master Craftsman, Sawyer

Our Story

The founder of Farm to Market Woodworks LLC., Andre Thome, grew up in a home where his father was a skilled cabinet maker from Germany. At a very young age Andre was assisting his father in his woodshop and has been in love with the craft of wood working ever since. Throughout the years Andre's passion for woodworking grew with him. In 2000 he acquired a ranch where he would spend all of his free time on wood working projects, renovations, and ranching tasks. After a successful 3 decade career in the hospitality industry, he took a leap of faith and followed his passion as a woodworker and, along with his designer daughter Karina, started a new woodworking business. Farm to Market Woodworks, a fitting company name, crafts high quality furniture pieces on Andre's ranch and delivers to homes and businesses near and far.

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