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Walnut Media Storage

Custom cabinets in a variety of styles built to last for your home.

Maple Extension Table

Hand crafted dining tables made from a variety of woods to enhance your dining room for all your entertaining activities.

Trestle Patio Table & Bench

A variety of beautiful outdoor products built to last.

About Us

The founder of Farm to Market Woodworks, LLC., Andre Thome, grew up in a home where his father was a skilled cabinet maker from Germany. At a very young age, Andre assisted his father in his woodshop and has been in love with woodworking ever since. Throughout the years Andre’s passion for woodworking grew with him. In 2000 he acquired a ranch where he would spend all of his free time on woodworking projects, renovations, and ranching tasks. After a successful 3-decade career in the hospitality industry, he took a leap of faith and followed his passion as a woodworker and, along with his daughter Karina, started Farm to Market Woodworks, a fitting company name crafting high-quality furniture pieces on his ranch and then delivering to various homes and businesses.


We are blessed with many wonderful, living things, including trees, and as all living
things have a heart, so do trees. We choose our wood with great care and craft it with sensitivity understanding there was once unique life to each piece. We maximize the use of all woods and we  never harvest live trees to be milled.

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